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The tea party and fox news are lying to you. They ONLY represent the extreme wealthy! Social Security is NOT a gift or.... (like they love to refer to it as) an entitlement ! YOU PAID FOR YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY !!! Do you want to lose or reduce your social security payouts that YOU paid for out of YOUR paycheck all those years? The tea party extremists want to give YOUR hard earned money away to the wealthy in tax breaks and for never ending WARS !! In my book, Thats corporate welfare ! Social Security is YOUR money, YOU earned it, so fight for it and DONT vote for extremists !

The EXTREME Right wing tea party extremism WILL make you a zombie Idiot ! Its time for America to wakeup and prevent these hatefull and destructive people to take more control and ruin us ! There is NO place in America's conscience for dangerous thoughts, ideas and actions like this.

shit bast We DONT do business with Government haters. We support the USA Government, this Country and the President.

AdvancedCCC provides FREE Internet TV and can create a TV station for you too.

One special service AdvancedCCC offers : We offer "FREE" Streaming "Live" and Prerecorded Broadcasts of media's that are absolutly NOT available on your standard TV Stations. We do NOT broadcast what lame and boring corporate controlled media does ! We broadcast only "NoN - Paradigm" and unusual type programming.

What we can do for you : Anyone can have their own personal Internet TV Station online. AdvancedCCC can put your TV Station on your own website or we can also broadcast your event to the world so it can be seen on our website. Weddings, partys, clubs, or ANY event can be broadcast "LIVE". AdvancedCCC can make it happen. Email us to make your Internet TV Station "LIVE".

Why are we being lied to by religion and the corporate media?

Well, you can find the truth here :

The Hottronics Internet Television Network

This Video is NO JOKE. Nor is Dr. Steven Greer a Hack. He is a prominent person of great intelligence who has inside knowledge of Black programs that most people dont even know exist. If you have a Mind, please watch this extremely important message. Dont write this message off, sources inside the military industrial complex and in black programs are whistle blowing inside secret knowledge more and more every day. Soon there will be public earth shatering revelations and Full Disclosure of facts that have been hidden to the public since the days of Tesla and even from anchient history. The revelation of Free energy devices and antigravity control are the key reasons for the UFO coverup. The industry holds these truths as super top secret, even more secret then highly regarded military secrets. The revelation of such advanced technologies would brake the Oil and other industries and free the world of the insanity it is experiencing now. Think about this and realize that these revelations will brake thier greedy trillion dollar piggy bank!

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