Whats included in our DJ Services :

1) A medium to large size PA (2000 watts peak public address system with TWO speakers)( for up to 500 people plus) which is available included with the DJ Service, for just $225 for 4 hours (many areas of Central Fl., call for info). (This PA is powerful, most likely more powerful than any medium to large size DJ system out there for a fraction of the cost. Only top of the line equipment is used). We use two professional speakers, not just one like some other services. Nor do we use the cheap compact plastic low power speakers that sound like a transistor radio.

2) A former Radio DJ, Music Mix and Sound Engineer and Radio Station Engineer offers this PA and a DJ for any gathering, Yes, a DJ to mix sounds throughout your entire party is included !

3) This offer also includes DJ lights, yes it includes a dynamite array of lights!

4) Mics are provided for speeches by guests and again, as mentioned, DJ is present for sound and song mixing and a few short announcements.

5) If you have specific music styles you want played, I can do that also, but have your music ready on a thumb drive (Up to 5 songs ONLY, please ) in the format of an mp3. On the day of the gig, I have a huge booklet to choose songs from so I can play what people request.

6) We own 2 very reliable vehicles, so we are Never late for a gig. In fact, we have Never missed a gig or were late. We Never book more than One gig per day. We always arrive early to a gig, many times 3 to as many as 4 hours in advance (with no cost to you).We have backup equipment.

7) As of july 2017, We now take a FULL money deposit to hold the gig's date and, if practical, we want to meet in person with the gigs coordinators prior to the gigs date, to ensure a verbal confirmation on the gigs date and to give the customer a small booklet about our DJ service.

8) If not clear, as stated above...included in the $225/4 hour budget DJ service is travel time of 4 hours(round trip) and setup/breakdown time and most central florida gigs fall into this catagory). Call to confirm our territory.

9) Our fee for this DJ service is only $225/4 hours. When you call, we DO NOT Upsell. In other words , we offer this DJ service, as described above, for the stated fee and Only the stated fee. We will Not Upsell a customer to include any other services, time or equipment. All the other DJ services upsell as a matter of fact.

10) Please note , be careful in your comparisons.....Other DJ Services will ALWAYS upsell you to a much higher cost than we charge. The service that says they start at $150/4 hours will have inferior equipment, music, or something else important lacking, that they will try to upsell you to. This is indicative of the way other DJ services do business....AND ...You can BET they Will try to upsell you to a higher fee by adding more services, time or equipment ! My service is for 4 hours (and in some cases even more hours) and includes professional equipment, the best music, lights and professional music mixing skills.

Like it says above...No other local service Beats this deal with these amenities ! Be careful when comparing DJ services, call me and have the other DJ service ad in front of you and I will explain in detail how my services are the better, in fact, I think its the best for the extra amenities I offer. But please note, for this offer ($225 for 4 hours), the DJ does not coordinate activities. That means for something like a wedding, we are only comfortable doing a wedding reception party...however, We will do a full wedding and perform a few short announcements , however, if extended ,detailed announcements are required, they can be performed by guests or relatives. Like almost ALL Dj's, We are not hollywood movie stars. I do not direct activities and that means I will save you money. I do not provide clown costumes, a party table, photo booth, karaoki, or a PA for musical instruments or singing. All these extras will be considered an UPSELL that would (also) cost you a lot more money from any other DJ Service. However, I hold true to the original purpose of a DJ and that is...to provide the best music with the best equipment, taking requests and having a helpful friendly attitude. AND ...to repeat....We do make a few short announcements and if you have a friend or relative who wants to do any extended announcements, like it says above, there are mics available. Please remember, we are a budget DJ service and our goal is to save you money, especially for folks getting married who are thinking ahead eventually to have the money to buy a car or a house...think about that . If other DJ Services call us "The Cheap Guy" , remember that we have superior equipment, music, mixing skills and we still save you MONEY !

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