The AdvancedCCC Live IP Cam Video Broadcast for live events
  • The player below will make available the audio from a live event . This system uses the Shoutcast audio broadcast method.

    To go to DJ Element 115's Radio server when on a cell phone: Press here

    When you are at the server, in order to listen, look for the Black (or white) Radio Station box near the bottom of the page, then press on the little "play" arrow (Play button) to listen . (This play arrow is on the left side of the Radio Station rectangle) . Listen and Enjoy !

    OR, if on a computer :

  • (Press the play button below to listen, Note : if you are viewing this webpage via Microsoft Edge or a Chrome browser, the radio station "play" icon (which should show below) will not be visible. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 to view the station icon and press "play" to listen.