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Whats the fee for DJ services and whats included?

It is very impotant to know what is included in OUR DJ Services and the exact charge for services. Other DJ Services make you call and BEG THEM to find out what they charge and are not clear on what is incuded. Thats a gimmick, plain and simple ! --AND--Dont you Hate begging for the fee when it should be right out in the open ?

Please "PRESS HERE" to see what is included and the fee for our DJ Services.

Note about the music we offer:

The Music : A variety of well known music provided, (A massive music library, including mostly Current Club and radio genres), Latino and Island music .... just like any DJ offers, but with one difference : All our selections are Specially selected DJ mixes with extreme fidelity, with monster bass and clarity, sometimes extended or remixes, that most other DJ's do not have. I have specialized in Sweet 16 parties recently, which means i can also cater to this age crowd.

Note : Please realize that our DJ Service only plays remastered or remixed versions of songs and this is a BIG upgrade in sound quality and fidelity. We dont play low and bad fidelity copies of songs. Remastered or remixed versions means the utmost of high fidelity and clarity in the sound. If the sound quality matters to you and your guests, and it should, please consider our Service. No other regional DJ's offer what we offer in terms of the highest fidelity in music and the absolute BEST and most expensive in sound reinforcement.

Ahead is more mainly about the quality of the music we play......and the types of music we play :

We play (Mainly) New crowd pleasing, dancable songs that are "Mixable" songs from the current Hit Lists (also known as Chart Hits) that you would hear on the radio. Two Examples of the local radios here in Orlando : XL106.7 and Amp Radio 101.9 FM. We also play crowd pleasing, danceable and "Mixable" Oldies songs from the 60s to 2000's. However, only a smaller per cent of Oldies are played (sprinkled) in between the current hit lists of newer songs.

Types of music we concentrate on : CURRENT EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Danceable Hip Hop, R &B, Motown, Soul Music, Very upbeat and Dancable Latino and Island music, Romantic Music, and as mentioned : Danceable and "Mixable' Oldies songs from the 60s to 2000's. We do not play ANY music with extreme vulgarity.

Over 90 per cent of the music played is the music you would hear on the radio and almost all songs are easily recognized by any crowd . However, as a professional DJ, I use songs that "Mix" together, (Or "Blend" together easily). This is known as "Beatmixing". This style readily keeps the crowd on the dance floor without any pauses. This means that my songs have an introductory and outgoing "Beat", so that the songs "Mix" together easily. The music is "Non-Stop" and as a result, adds to the professionalism that a DJ is supposed to adhere to. If another DJ does NOT know how to "Beatmix" or otherwise does not employ such skills, they will not easily manage to keep the crowd dancing and happy. That explains the music i offer in a nutshell, hope you will enjoy....

What is your Quick review on DJ Services?

Thanks for reading this DJ Service info.... I know the following pages are long , however, Please try to read all the pages as it contains a lot of what you should know about hiring a Good DJ. Please do not try to judge my DJ Service after reading just one or just a few paragraphs. If your question/s are not answered here, I will answer them when we talk with each other, either on the phone or face to face, Thanks. I have Business references that I will forward to you, if you wish. I also have references that are non business people whom I may give tele numbers for, once we establish contact, as they are private people.

Ahead I will try to clarify how my DJ Service is much different then all the rest.....I'm not going to give you a lot of niceties and brag about how good i am as a Hollywood type star, that's what all over DJ's do.....I'm going to tell you what you need to know to make a proper intelligent decision.

If youd like to listen to a demo of my music mixes, you can listen to some of my Club mixes at the MixCloud website. These music mixes are primarily played in Clubs, AND**, These mixes are not always indicative of what I play at all gigs, but rather a synopsis of my talents and abilities of professional mixing. So please do not judge how your gig will sound , as said, these mixes are for CLUBS. We are also on facebook as "djgotee steve" . Both my Mixcloud and Facebook sites have links listed on the Home page.

We STILL have the lowest price for the Best DJ service : note that others charge $200 for just 2 or even 1 hour, do your homework before comparison ! We offer this budget DJ Service to accommodate people who would like to save their money for other more important things. Save hundreds of dollars compared to other DJs and get much better sounds. This service can be a very good affordable alternative substitute to an very expensive wedding, or party DJ. Why pay $400, $500, $600 or more for a few hours of music and probably a loud obnoxious clown on the Mic?

Do you really need a DJ that charges for extras that cost even more money like photo booths, a clown costume and party favor table and other non-essential addons? And did you know that most wedding venues (for instance, Holiday Inn) include a wedding coordinator with your Hall rental agreement? This means you dont have to hire a DJ that charges $600 --or-- many times More for the same services. This is why we offer a budget DJ Service, so YOU can save your money and, or spend it on things you really need or want.

How do you handle requests :

All my music is "virtual". This means its on a computer in digital format as an mp3. I dont use CD's,TAPES, records, Ipads/Ipods or any other old style media devices. With this in mind, and unlike other DJ's who are confined to playing only what they have in their music libraries, I can specifically play some of the music you and your guests specifically want to hear. Heres how I do this....you gather the mp3's (mp3's only please, Up to 5 songs ONLY, for our discount offer) you want played and when we meet, I "borrow" your music for your party. This way, everybody is satisfied with thier music requests. However, I did want you to know I do specialize in High Intensity Dance Music . Your mp3's must be delivered to me on a USB thumbdrive before the event and prepared in pristene condition and with no editing required, and ready to play.Thats specifically the music you and your guests, want to hear (that YOU chose yourself)! To top it off, your USB thumbdrive and all the mp3's I borrow are given back to you , as you are the owner of this music !

What makes us better than the rest :

  • 1) As explained, we accept your mp3 music on USB thumb drive(Up to 5). However, we have the BEST music !
  • 2) On the day of the gathering, I also have a huge song list for people to choose music requests from.
  • 3) Our Advanced Technical Skills, I am an IT Tech as well as an Electronic Tech.
  • 4) WE Never Upsell to a more expensive service, equipment or time, (the fee for a gig is $225 for 4 hours flat fee with NO other fees), (if more time is requested, we accept tips).
  • 5) We love to make people happy and We are NOT pushy sales people.
  • 6) We have many satisfied customers.

    And so, What do you love about this job?

    With me, its making people happy, being clear and concise about what I offer and saving them money that i love about this job. I know how much I value these attributes when Im looking for a Service.

    How do you handle concerns for a backup DJ in case of an emergency?

    I do the same thing as the big DJ services. I can supply the customer with an accomplished and experienced DJ who can take my place with equipment and transportation. BUT, make no mistake about it, just because the big companies say they have a pool of DJ's at thier disposal, the DJ's have to be ready on a moments notice with the proper equipment and transportation, especially if the emergency happens on the day of the gig. Even for a big DJ company, this is NOT always practical --OR--possible, for them and for my DJ Services.. At any rate, if all else fails, the customer gets their FULL deposit back in circumstances like this, if a DJ can not be substituted. If the customer backs out of a gig for a reason like a date change, I will see at that time if I can DJ the new date. If not, I will also give back 50 % of the deposit. For major emergencies, 100% of the deposits are refunded.

    What inspired you to start a DJ business and have you worked with any famous people in this industry ?

    Simple, IIts in my blood. About My Music background : Been mixing sounds since 1970s, including meeting with the following celebrities and coordinating and music mixing for opening performances for : The 60s band- The Animals (Eric Burdon and Allen Price), Natalie Merchant, R.E.M. (Michael Stipe (Of REM) and his Sister) , Huey Lewis and the News, Jodie Foster, Steven Stills, Members of the Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Thompson Twins, Blondie, Berlin, The Smithereens, Modern English, GE (George E.) Smith (A personal friend, who played with Hall and Oates in the early 80s tours, also Who was the Music Director for Saturday Nite Live in the late 1980's), and many more. As said, Ive been involved with sound and working with people for parties and other circumstances like Live performances since the late 1970s. My age does not mean I'm removed from knowing modern music types. Being older most likely means I'm more experienced in what people like. In clubs, Ive mixed many types of music in the past. Ive been in many clubs over the years and really enjoy mixing for private parties.

    What are your experiences?

    In the past, My personal experiences revolved around being taught as an IT Tech and an Electronic Technician and Ive been in those fields for over 40 years. Ive had Security Clearances for the Military Industrial Complex . Ive worked on Free Energy Devices and a mutiplcity of advanced projects.

    For my music experience : Some of the clubs ive either mixed sounds in or performed in or coordinated the opening acts at are : Shaboo Inn, Mansfield Connecticut (1970s), Crazy Horse Club, Southington Connecticut (1970s),Rons Place, New Haven Connecticut (1970s),Toads Place, New Haven Connecticut (1970s/80s),West Hartford Agora Ballroom (Originally the Hard Rock Cafe), West Hartford Connecticut (1970s/80s),Yale University Gigs, New Haven Connecticut, Wesleyan University Gigs, Middletown Connecticut,Countless other small venues in Connecticut and New York City. The Grotto, New Haven Connecticut (1970s/80s) (right around the corner from Yale University Campus)I was also a music consultant and part time booking agent for the Grotto Nightclub in New Haven Ct. and liaison beteen The Grotto and the famous nightclub "CBGB'S" (Hilly Kristal, owner at the time) in New York City in the 1970s/80s. Recently, Ive Mixed in several local dance oriented type clubs.

    So, give myself (Steve) or Laurie a call to book your next Party Gig at 352-999-9595. Thanks for reading and have a happy Party !

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