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There is one really important video below that is NO JOKE. It is the circular #1 Video below.It is Dr. Steven Greer's presentation on the Deep National Security State. He is not a Hack, but a prominent person of great intelligence who has inside knowledge of Black programs that most people dont even know exist. If you have a Mind, please watch this extremely important message. Dont write this message off, sources inside the military industrial complex and in black programs are whistle blowing inside secret knowledge more and more every day. Soon there will be public earth shatering revelations and Full Disclosure of facts that have been hidden to the public since the days of Tesla and even from anchient history. The revelation of Free energy devices and antigravity control are the key reasons for the UFO coverup. The industry holds these truths as super top secret, even more secret then highly regarded military secrets. The revelation of such advanced technologies would brake the Oil and other major industries and free the world of the insanity it is experiencing now. Think about this and realize that these revelations will brake thier greedy trillion dollar piggy bank! Remember...The world will not be destoyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. So stop watching and believing fox lies and "HATE" corporate controlled media and watch and donate to The Young Turks and get the truth

The only part of Government that is a problem is the tea party, otherwise Corporatocracy is the real threat.

So, all you assholes who voted for trump, what are you going to do when you loose social security

and your taxes go up, and the rich get yet more tax breaks, so they can pay into offshore accounts? Wake up shitheads !

shit bast We DONT hate the Government Its not thier fault that they are controlled by the elites in the NWO

Classic Central Radio
Try something new....Try Classic Central Radio, here in florida. to hear the station on your cell phone, download the "ServeStream" app from the Play Store and input the following IP and start listening on your cell phone!
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  • AdvancedCCC Offers a variety of Live and prerecorded Unique and FREE Internet TV Stations .

    AdvancedCCC's Prerecorded Internet TV Stations are represented by the circular icons below. Most of these videos deal with the Secret Space Program. To select any of the 10 Stations below, double click on any circular icons below and it will take you to another page so you can watch that video. Check them out and enjoy the freedom from the boring corporate controlled media and especially the LIES on fox news !

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    One special service AdvancedCCC offers : AdvancedCCC can create a TV station for you too. Heres how :Anyone can have their own personal Internet TV Station online. AdvancedCCC can put your TV Station on your own website or we can also broadcast your event to the world, on my Internet Server. Weddings, partys, clubs, or ANY event can be broadcast "LIVE" on my TV Network. AdvancedCCC can make it happen. Email us at to make your Internet TV Station "LIVE".

    Your Host, DJGOTEE

    Please watch this important video about the Secret Space Program Conference 2015:

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    Doctor Steven Greer and the Disclusure Project :

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    The Secret Space Program :

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    Inside the fox news LIE MACHINE :

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    Jim Marrs News and Views:

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    The TR3B Secret Government Technology:

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    Why are we being lied to by some religious groups, the so called Nut Case "tea party", corporate power structures, the military industrial complex and especially the corporate media? Ya, its a big party for them, all they want is to pay no taxes and put thier money in offshore accounts and in other countries like china..... and guess what? The little guys end up paying for thier greed! Its HIGH TIMES for them and the rest of us suffer ! Besides, the secrets they have been keeping (since the 1930'and 40's), like free energy devices, if revealed, could dramatically change the world for the much better! But these entities wouldnt want that, they would lose ALL thier GREEDY profits ! So, why is it we NEVER hear about this on the corporate media?

    Well, you can hear and watch the truth here :

    AdvanedCCC offers "FREE" Streaming "Live" Broadcasts of medias that are absolutly NOT available on your standard TV Stations. We do NOT broadcast what lame and boring corporate controlled media does ! We broadcast only "NoN - Paradigm" and unusual type programming.

    Below are "Live" broadcasts of the Hottronics Internet Television Network

    AdvancedCCC's has "FREE to View" "LIVE" IP Cam Broadcast

    AdvancedCCC has "FREE to View" "LIVE" Video Internet Broadcasts of parties, gatherings or any Live events. You will be viewing AdvancedCCC's Live "FosCam" IP Cam. Please note, this broadcast is not a 24/7 broadcast. It is only on occassionally. Email us if youd like to know when it will be on.Dont forget to email us if you want your event Live on the internet, or if you want to know how to do this on your website. You can access this live broadcast via the "Foscam" Icon just below this paragraph.

    AdvancedCCC's has "FREE to View" "Pre-recorded" Video Broadcast

    AdvancedCCC has "FREE to View" Pre-Recorded Video Internet Broadcasts of specific Documentaries and other specially selected Entertainment. Please note, this broadcast is not a 24/7 broadcast. It is only on occassionally. Email us if youd like to know when it will be on.

    Advancedccc's Pre-Recorded Video Broadcast is Video Streamed by the Broadcam Streaming Video Server made by the "Great" NCH Software Company. There is a link to get to the NCH Software Company to buy thier great products. This link is located to the lower left (<-) (its the Icon that says "NCH").

    You can access this live broadcast via the "NCH" Icon just below this paragraph. Dont forget to press the Start (arrow)

    The Ring of Fire Network :

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    To go to the UFO Channel directly, :

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    Below is a link to The Young Turks website and daily broadcast. This Broadcast is the RAW TRUTH !

    The Young Turks webpages :

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